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Sewage pipes get plugged. It's all happened to us before. You are at your families house after eating some Mexican food and bam. Now the toilets clogged, pushing you to panic. But don't worry. Your friends at PUMP'N H2O know exactly how to fix it. Our licensed technicians have been trained to efficiently get your pipes back and running.


-CAMERA- this helps us locate the blockage 

-TOILET SNAKE- economy solution

-MAINLINE MACHINE- these are for the tough blockages 


That's right, we also do radiant floors. Our hydronic radiant floor system is top of the line. Which not only is the coolest way to heat your house but is a more efficient option if you want to save money on your gas or electric bill. 

We use state of the art boiler systems with pre-fabricated manifold systems that are amazing. With one click of the button on your PHONE. You can heat your floor efficiently.


Not only do we take care of the Mr. And MRS. Smith but we also help you contractors. Our plumbing technicians are able to complete all commercial work from boilers to commercial bathrooms. Not only do we install our work but we have warranty on our plumbing work as well. 

If you really want to take care of your client for only $100 per fixture more they can get a once per year inspection on their new system free of charge to make sure their plumbing system is in the best and most efficient condition.


Oh no it's winter and you arnt getting any hot or cold water? It's okay you don't necessarily need a new plumbing system. We have a variety of ways to fix this solution from heat tape to proper insulation. But there is a downside to frozen pipes other then no water.

HAVE YOU SEEN THE STATUE OF LIBERTY? Well not in person but it's green right? Just like that old penny on the bathroom counter that was in your pocket. Well the green is bad for copper. It jeopardizes the integrity of the pipe and can cause pin holes from pipes freezing and unfreezing. If it's a continuous issue we recommend to replace the lines asap. Flood prevention is a must.



Our plumbers knowledge ranges from your simple speck home all the way to huge 15,000 sq/ft homes.

Benefits of using us 

-AMAZING customer service


-KICK BUTT scheduling(quit waiting on your plumber, call us)


Our Journeyman plumbers take pride that we are able to repair your well pump when the water stops working. What our pump repair consists of

-diagnosing / replacing your pressure tank

-checking/ replacing your pressure switch

-making sure your filtration system is efficient 

- testing your pump

-checking your main line from your pump to your house


Oh no, no hot water? Don't you worry. Pump'n H2O knows exactly how to solve your hot water issue. We also understand the frustration of waiting for another company to show up. We take pride in taking care of our customers. We get no hot water is an emergency. That is why we offer same day service for emergencies like this.


-old elements

-bad gas regulators

-leaky water heater

-new water heater installation

BUT WAIT there's more. Not only do we install these the best and most efficient way possible but we also get these inspected via 3rd party, you know it, the state of idaho!!! You are probably thinking "what!?!? Water heaters need inspected????" That's right we do things the right way here at PUMP'N H2O

Pipe Restoration

Did you know copper and galvanized pipes are bad??? Yep, without a proper filtration system, galvanized water lines go bad at 40 yrs. 

What do you mean bad? Well did you know that as water travels there is a small electrical current? That's right you have power in your water lines. But unfortunately galvanized lines can't handle the charge and start to slowly deteriorate over a long period of time. This causes pinholes that slowly spray a mist and can cause long term water damage to your home.

HOW DO I FIX IT??? Well it's easy. Give us a call and our licensed technicians will give you options on how to eliminate this issue.


Now let's talk about the copper lines. The average expectancy is about 35-50 yrs depending on your filtration system as well as the ware and tear on the pipe. Over time it will slowly grow pinholes as well like the galvanized.


How do you fix outdated water lines? Easy, we will go in and give you a brand new water system built to your budget and needs.

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