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Pipe Restoration

Did you know copper and galvanized pipes are bad??? Yep, without a proper filtration system, galvanized water lines go bad at 40 yrs. 

What do you mean bad? Well did you know that as water travels there is a small electrical current? That's right you have power in your water lines. But unfortunately galvanized lines can't handle the charge and start to slowly deteriorate over a long period of time. This causes pinholes that slowly spray a mist and can cause long term water damage to your home.

HOW DO I FIX IT??? Well it's easy. Give us a call and our licensed technicians will give you options on how to eliminate this issue.


Now let's talk about the copper lines. The average expectancy is about 35-50 yrs depending on your filtration system as well as the ware and tear on the pipe. Over time it will slowly grow pinholes as well like the galvanized.


How do you fix outdated water lines? Easy, we will go in and give you a brand new water system built to your budget and needs.

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